Sunday, 17 December 2017

Tired of Beach Vacations and Trekking trips? Prepare yourself for a Desert Holiday

The land with no rains, the land that is desolate to bolster up the natural process of vegetating - can you think about spending the momentous time at such place? May be not. But what if we serve you a one word of substitution for such place? What if we ask you about holidaying at desert? Haven’t the pictures of luxurious international desert holidays tickled your brain? The Moroccan Sahara, Egypt and Atacama desert have marked an exotic level for luxury holidays, have been successfully pulling thousands and lakhs of travellers from across the world.  

If you have been wondering about the costs and suitable holiday packages to these exotic desert locations, we are about to unpack some interesting desert holiday information that would not require you to cross the international borders. Yes, luxury desert safari tents in Jaisalmer are the best place to experience the ancient royalty of the sands.

With Bhawna camp and resorts, you can take roof under some of the best budget camps in Jaisalmer. The splendour of these desert tents will leave you transfixed. These camps are setup to give traveller a glimpse of the grandeur that our Maharaja’s lived in. what could be the better way than to experience it all under the darkest sky filled with glittering stars?

From inhabiting the tents set up in a perfect picturesque desert scenery with sand dunes, the resort also offers desert safari, jeep safari and even camel safari. The best camps and luxury tents in Jaisalmer offer magnificent tour guidance to the people travelling to the desserts for the first times by offering tailor-made trips including the one to the sunset point at Sam.

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